Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tarpon fishing in S.C. - tarponist point of view

Jordan Pate with angler Bryce Pate properly display his first S.C. tarpon before releasing the fish 
If the coastal Lowcountry is in the early stages of a developing tarpon fishery, then it’s not too early to begin the conversation with SCDNR about future conservation efforts. Dedicated anglers and tarponisits ( a tarponist is my new term for a tarpon conservationist) want to know why it is still legal to keep and kill a tarpon in South Carolina, and they also believe that better education about handling tarpon would lead to a wider respect for this ancient species. It’s true that the tarpon migrate into waters managed by multiple states, but S.C. conservationists must focus on our home waters to set an example for all states, where it concerns the issue of tarpon mortality.

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  1. Nice catch (and release) Jordan. What a beautiful fish. Hats off to you and all of the others who are contributing to Tarpon research in SC.

  2. Well said Dr. Sasser - and thank you too for all of your support in regards of tarpon conservation - which makes you a tarponist.


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