Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Shrimp / Teal / Doe deer - Opening Day

'Coolered Out' equals a legal limit of shrimp
This is a prime teal set up in the marsh
Doe deer harvest retrieval on a game cart
It's time to get the jump on the sporting seasons of fall - in a big way! Seafood leads the list concerning the next round of season openers with recreational shrimp baiting season opening at noon on Friday Sept. 14. This shellfish is possibly the tastiest morsel in the saltwater estuary, and this year they are abundant and it should prove to be a banner opening day. While the season begins at noon, most shrimpers will wait until dusk to cast their nets, since the shrimp tend to run best just after dark. The shrimp bating season lasts 60 days and residents must purchase a $25 license, and 48-quarts of heads on shrimp is the daily limit. The early season on migratory teal begins on Sept. 15 and runs until Sept. 30, and includes both green-winged teal and blue-winged teal. Remember to carry all the correct licensing like federal, state and HIP permits - and to observe waterfowl shooting hours and the four-teal daily limit. Finally, this Saturday morning (Sept. 15), deer hunts can include the harvest of doe deer, which greatly enhances the chances of pulling the trigger. Doe tags and a hunting license are required, but the doe season remains in effect all the way until January 1. Those wishing to control deer herd numbers through a strong doe harvest will want to get to work right away, before does are bred during the rut of October and beyond. Football season is here, but the Lowcountry outdoors will offer a bevy of sporting pursuits for those who choose them!

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