Monday, January 13, 2014

Spring Bank Plantation Pheasant Hunt - Info

Proper dress by Braeval, DuBarry, Orvis and Le Chameau;
Jeff Dennis, Willis Willey and Perry Taylor
Pheasant brace at the Spring Bank outpost
A Continental Pheasant hunt was conducted at Spring Bank Plantation in Adarisville, Georgia on Saturday January 11, after a nearly two-inch deluge of rain fell during a rare January thunderstorm. The rumble of thunder and the downpour of rain could be heard beginning around 1 a.m. and lasted until nearly 10:30 that morning, before the sever weather front passed and the skies began to clear. With a 2 p.m. start time the pheasant hunters felt fortunate that they would take aim at the pheasants under sunny and breezy conditions. A dress code and double-guns were part of the invitation issued by hunt organizer Perry Taylor to 24 able gunners. Two-men per station stand behind two large hay bales downhill of the release location on top of a knoll in the quail hunting course at the 2200-acre Spring Bank Plantation. The hunters rotate thought twelve stations to ensure equal chances for all parties, with safety ensured by a loud siren sounding off at the beginning and ending of each shooting session. Broomstraw engulfed the shooting area with tall pines surrounding the field, situated among the rolling hills of North Georgia. The January 2014 edition of Gray's Sporting Journal lists Spring Bank Plantation among its best bets.

2014 Gray's Sporting Journal listing
To learn more about the Continental Pheasant hunt visit the Internet at Spring Bank.

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Enthusiastic pheasant hunters take to the field

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