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Guy Harvey Magazine Kite Fishing Article

Kite Fishing article in the Winter issue of Guy Harvey Magazine

Recreational anglers and toughened tournament types are finding out that flying a kite can be an effective way to draw a strike. Kite fishing allows the bait to be further behind or out to the side of the boat, which can give your presentation the edge in terms of stealth. Sailfish, tuna and even redfish have been taking the bait from underneath a kite with regularity for those anglers who have these tricks in their tackle box.
Kite fishing is generally used for live baits, so the bait must be kept on the water’s surface or near the top of the water column, If it is out of the water too much then the live bait will die. Perhaps think about pier fishing and how a trolley rig for kingfish positions the bait high, keeping it under the watchful eye of the angler. If a shark approaches, simply snatch the bait out of the water for a moment.
Coy Myers and Harrington Bissell fly a kite on Lil 'Bit
What if there is no wind? Kite fishermen have devised a plan for flat calm conditions too by employing a helium balloon to get their baits in position. In all kite fishing the speed of the boat plays a role, and in many cases the use of a sea anchor keeps the ultra slow pace that goes well with kite fishing. When using a chum slick and a sea anchor, a kite fishing rig allows one to position baits closer to the end of your scent trail where newly arriving fish are coming in hot and hungry for action.
Kite fishing for sailfish in Florida is very popular and occurs all year long. In the Carolinas, anglers treasure the kite for its ability to fish a bait way back so that wary tuna will be in their mixed bag. Some diehard kite anglers have even figured out that a kite is the best way to reach redfish in winter that are otherwise holding tight in skinny and clear waters in order to warm up. Dangling bait from a kite can be both accurate and sneaky at the same time, which is the kind of tactic that helps hopeful anglers stay successful.

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