Friday, January 31, 2014

Urban Adventure with Toyota Highlander in Charleston

The all new 2014 Highlander at Urban Adventure HQ
Test driving lunch at Poogan's Porch
Tasked with bringing out of town journalists to the Holy City during the winter blast of 2014, Toyota execs and public relations faced a significant challenge when the airport closed. With the headquarters for their Urban Adventure program at Market Pavillion hotel, they were able to weather the storm in style, rolling with the punches when travelers could neither fly into or out of Charleston. Our mission during the unveiling of the all new 2014 Toyota Highlander was to drive pre-ordained courses downtown and stop at local businesses along the way, similar to a scavenger hunt. My media group lost  a day of test driving when the roadways were too icy to allow anyone to cruise around in brand new Highlanders! Our fleet of vehicles even included the not-for-sale yet hybrid Highlander with three battery system. We had multiple meetings with the Toyota professionals who shared all their knowledge with us about the 2014 Highlander which is available at dealerships right now. The auto is bigger now, nearly three-inches longer and one-inch wider. The front end was widened and beefed up to appeal more to the male demographic. Higher end models now include features that include super-size moon roof, captain's chairs and cutting edge driving sensory tools. Points of interest we visited in Charleston included Market Pavillion Hotel, McCrady's, Poogan's Porch, Mac and Murphy, Sock and Charleston Cooks. Look for more information soon about the outdoor destination that I was able to drive to in the Highlander to better test the all-wheel drive on the 2014 Limited edition.

Eating Tilefish at The Long Room at McGrady's
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