Friday, January 30, 2015

Pine Top Plantation Yields Top Notch Quail Hunt

Puppy 'WeGo' and Sandy Stuhr
When Pine Top Plantation owner Sandy Stuhr told me that his new Brittany Spaniel puppy named WeGo was pointing and backing his other quail dogs I had to see it with my own eyes. We traveled to the property on the edge of the Dorchester and Orangeburg County line, also known as the Dorange area. As a lifetime Lowcountry aficionado, I was previously unaware of this geographic nomenclature, and an keen to learn more about the area.

Sandy Stuhr is well known in Charleston as the man in charge of a funeral home that is a trusted Lowcountry institution. What may not be known is this 79-year old gentleman is an accomplished outdoorsman, and he showed me that he is still nimble enough to take on the quail woods every week. Not only that, Sandy is a crack shot with a 28-gauge shotgun when the bobwhites flush. And when one hard-charging quail flew past our shots and went to the back of the property, Sandy was right there when we trekked towards that bird.

Sandy and his pointers at work in the pines
Great Logo!
This was not my first time hunting with Sandy, but with a few years in between, he impressed me with his Can Do attitude. I was glad to do all the legwork involved in the set up for a release quail hunt, but it was Stuhr who loaded the dogs from the kennel and into the quail wagon without issue. Stuhr directed the pointers to hunt while keeping 6-month old puppy WeGo on a 30-foot string that helped to corral the pup when necessary. I was amazed to see the puppy truly backing other dogs on point and WeGo has a chance to grow up into a fine quail hunting dog.

Humble outdoor writer and Hunt Boss Sandy Stuhr
After the hunt, we enjoyed a meal together and Stuhr told me stories from past days around Charleston and the Lowcountry and he named names and told stories like they had happened yesterday. I don't know if I have command over all the names from my outdoor ramblings, but I want to be like Stuhr in that regard. Furthermore, he proves that quail hunting traditions perhaps can be extended later in life than other pursuits, and anyone could only hope to be striding through the uplands when enjoying their silver-haired years.

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