Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 Quail hunt with Red Fish Brand

Chief the English Setter, Curtis Hart and Jake the English Pointer

In 2012 a local Educational Endowment was founded in memory of Calista Lynn Smith. The inaugural fundraiser for that endowment was held in February of 2013 including silent and live auctions items. The second fundraiser, including a wild game cook off will be held February 22, 2014 with proceeds going to the endowment.
We did our best to imitate this classic sporting depiction!
A quail hunt at Maxfield Plantation appealed to this outdoor enthusiast at the 2013 auction, and I purchased the outing from the live auction without knowing even where the property was located. It turns out that Maxfield is along I-95 in Ridgeland, and is a private property. Donnie Fender served as the hunt guide for myself and guest Curtis Hart of Red Fish Brand clothing out of Hilton Head.

NEW duck belt from Red Fish Brand
A cool morning around 40-degrees was welcome since hot weather serves to tire out bird dogs quickly. Fender hunts with an English Pointer named Jake and an English Setter named Chief, and they worked well together with Chief honoring any point ahead of him. A quick blow on the whistle from Fender will release the backing setter to move a bit closer to the hidden quail so that the hunter’s can move in before Fender flushes the quail.

Both Hart and myself were shooting double-barrel twenty-gauge shotguns that provide a sporting option when wingshooting for pen-raised quail. The heavy game bag that Fender showed us at the end of the morning hunt outweighed a fair amount of missed shots.

All along the way, Fender was gracious about explaining any questions regarding the hunt, and we all reflected on the reason that we had gathered together. The Calista Lynn Smith Educational Endowment states that future scholarships will be offered to high school seniors who are Christians and who LOVE the outdoors.

Overall, we easily accomplished our mission of fellowship in the field, while walking a country mile back and forth across the quail woods at Maxfield. We witnessed multiple flushes of quail that offered a challenge even for an experienced shooter. We were glad to view the dogs enjoying their time in the field as well, working hard to pick up our downed birds and revealing that the work of our canine companions is one of the best parts of the upland hunt. 

Guide Donnie Fender retrieves a cock bird
With such splendid results, perhaps we had an angel watching over us.

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