Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SwedePro Chainsaw Chaps By Grand Forest Inc.

Swede Pro protective apron chaps in high-vis orange
The ice storm of 2014 created a need for a long and sustained clean up of downed trees and limbs for folks with large yards and rural property owners. Limbs that often appear small enough to grab a hold of in order to drag off, but once gripped almost always they are too heavy, since they are green with sap. Therefore a chainsaw must be employed to make smaller pieces which can then be removed. One exhibitor at the SouthEastern Wildlife Expo is Grand Forest Inc. out of Summerville, who manufactures chainsaw safety clothing and distributes swedish made axe products.

Behind-the-leg fasteners to keep them in place
Picking up a pair of SwedePro protective apron chaps to utilize during clean up, I learned that they are filled with a material named Engtex, which is designed to immediately clog up the chain and stop the saw if it comes into contact with the chaps. They fasten above the waistline and extend down the front of the leg only, with straps around the back of the leg to hold them in place. These apron style chaps are cooler than ones that fit over your pants.

The chaps are important because most chainsaw accidents occur on legs, with arms and hands a close second. A lot of accidents involve a kickback from a chainsaw so remember to hold the saw firmly, do not overreach to cut, don’t use the tip of the saw for cutting, run the saw at high speed when cutting, and do not cut above shoulder height. This last tip is especially important given the number of partially broken off limbs still hanging in trees.

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