Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 SEWE Saturday - Marion Square Park

Big T''s Provisions in the Cooking Demo tent
A mighty wind blew through the Holy City on Saturday and reminded everyone that we were not so far removed from the ice storm of 2014, despite Friday's balmy temperatures. In golf, Saturday is known as moving day, and it's the same thing where Marion Square Park is concerned since hordes of SEWE patrons move through this central location on sunny days like Saturday. The food court, children's attractions, cooking demo tent, and conservation village are all together here this year since the Gaillard Auditorium is closed for renovations. Add in the spectacular Birds of Prey flight demos in the Square at 11 and 3 and you have more than enough reason to linger outside. Next up, stop inside the Embassy Suites Hotel to see wildlife photography exhibits, and swing by John Street for the Busch Gardens wildlife show. Snakes seem to be very popular both in the Charleston Music Hall and at the Edisto Serpentarium booth - and that is one of the intangibles that SEWE provides when providing animal education to those who might not otherwise be exposed to it. In the case of a native rattlesnake encountered in the outdoors, folks are educated that they are not really interested in harming humans, though a good measure of caution is warranted. The take home message from Lowcountry Outdoors would be NOT to dispatch a random snake encountered outdoors, but rather take a look and go another route so that everyone can have a story to tell about the wonders of nature. Again, use caution and do not handle any snake, but one may also appreciate snakes for their place in nature.

Sponsor Heiner Hartling, Artist Julie Jeppsen
with SEWE's Jimmy Huggins
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Educational moment with snakes

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