Wednesday, February 5, 2014

47th Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament - Awards

2014 Trident tourney t-shirt logo
Luke Bishop is Outstanding Youth Freshwater Angler
for his winning American Shad weighing 4.5-pounds
The Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament is a year long event where fish are weighed in at official scales and at the end of the season the heaviest fish in each category wins. There are freshwater and saltwater categories and this tourney has stood the test of time because it is supported by most of the fishing clubs in the area. These are the same ones that hold one-day tournaments of their own such as Charleston Coastal AnglersCarolina Lady Anglers, Lowcountry Anglers, Island Sportsman Club, and Charleston Inshore Anglers. The Summerville anglers club is the newest group to lend support, and they cooked a barbecue dinner for all the award winners who gathered at James Island County Park on February 4 for the recognition process. Anglers who win their category receive a plaque, but anglers who are judged the most outstanding in their category are called up front for a photo and receive a 2nd plaque and a t-shirt. The local clubs take turns handing out the awards, and they usually will share details about their upcoming 2014 tourney. A slide show of fishing pics is continuous during the presentations and a lot of the images show youth anglers that are happy to be holding a fish, which is enough reason to validate the annual Trident Tourney as a good one!

What's better than one award? TWO for Mike Waller.
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Youth Trent Bonifay won for Blacktip Shark
Winner Robert Olsen with Alicia Hart

Congrats to the grouper winner!

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