Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jungle Jack Hanna gives SE Wildlife Expo high marks

Jungle Jack Hanna poses with a Koala Bear,
and passes along his autograph to a fellow wildlife enthusiast

Jungle Jack Hanna was back in town for the Southeastern WIldlife Expo, and is a tireless ambassador for the animal kingdom. Some thoughts Hanna shared included that his flight from Florida to Charleston was canceled so he drove himself to keep his appointments beginning Thursday night at the Gala at Charleston Place Hotel. It was Hanna who drew the name of the winner for the raffle for a brand new Scout boat, since the Scout representatives were away and attending the Miami Boat Show.
The next day Hanna began a string of sold out educational shows at the Music Hall on John Street. Hanna quipped that he had been coming to SEWE for so long that he went to the wrong location for this first show, forgetting that the Gaillard Auditorium is closed down now for extensive renovations. It takes an affable man to admit that he can take a wrong turn just like anybody else.
Hanna wasn’t done sharing though and he announced that his wife and family were in the audience, and that due to his extensive travel schedule that this was rare, and his wife stood up to take a bow despite being on crutches. Hanna talked about his career beginning to wane and that of all the wildlife events he has attended worldwide, SEWE offers something special to patrons.
Hanna described how SEWE has the right mix of vendors, artists, educational events, and youth activities to make it a total package that should continue to prosper into the future. Then Hanna launched into his animal program that included rattlesnakes, birds of prey, foxes, alligators and even a three-toed sloth. The audience views multiple videos that Hanna stars in and was treated to an hour or so of quality time with Hanna on stage. After the show he made sure autographs and photo opportunities were met as usual, with the same vigor as in prior years. Thank You Jungle Jack!

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