Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday at SEWE

Saturday is traditionally the busiest day at the Wildlife Expo, and since this year it also falls on Valentine's Day, the crowds were loving their wildlife art. There was no such love for the weather though, as colder temperatures and spotty rain showers dampened some spirits. My SCDNR friend on duty at the Gaillard Auditorium, Lisa Walters, told me that the Saturday traffic was more than double Friday's traffic, likely due to patrons heading to the indoor venues. It was a fine day to stay close to one of the three VIP rooms at Charleston Place, The Mills House and the Marriott while viewing their respective paintings, sculptures and fine double guns. For those checking out the custom knives and one-of-a-kind home furnishings at the Gaillard, don't forget to eat at the Gaillard Cafe to enjoy their Shrimp Gumbo and cornbread with a sweet tea. One patron asked me if the shrimp gumbo was any good, and I replied that it only gets better every year! (Just like SEWE) Later in the day, while on a dog walk in Cannon Park, two SEWE patrons asked me where the dog jumping was, thinking they had found Brittlebank Park - but I informed them Cannon Park was what locals call the Dog Park, and that while I could provide directions, they would likely need a cab. The lecture series at SEWE is always good during inclement weather and Gilbert Johnston's lecture on the scientific art of natural history left patrons thankful for those that cataloged the varied species of the Carolinas when they were "discovered."  The 2009 SEWE Conservation Message Award Winner was Noel Clarkson, age 10 from Waccamaw Elementary (teacher Mandy Hawley) who said, "Now is the time to take care of the environment; if we don't then who will." Saturday night's big event, the SEWE Soiree is always looked forward to for its wild game fare. The photos show Gilbert Johnston and one of his antique nature prints, the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest winner by Weston DeWolff (age 15), Knifemaker Bob Cumming ( with his nephew Josh Ciappa celebrate 10 years of showing at SEWE, a school of redfish circling in the air from artist Glen Purdy, and Marc Ackerman receiving the 2008 Camp Woodie Volunteer of the Year Award from SCWA's David Wielecki.

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