Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday at SEWE

Sunday at the Southeastern Wildlife Expostion means two things to most patrons, either you need to get to a venue that you have not seen yet, or you can go back and visit a favorite location and try to make your best deal. Artists have been known to look for "gas money" just before they pack up their wares, i.e. they don't want to take all their items back home. The finals of the Dock Dogs competition was jumped in windy and cold conditions down at Brittlebank Park, but the crowds were still thick with patrons and all their pet dogs. The same could be said for Marion Square Park, as their was a throng of visitors enjoying the outdoors, even though it was cloudy and cool. The Marriott Hotel was the setting for most of the photography SEWE had to offer, and the many wonderful images captured and now on display for all to see, make those who love the outdoors even more amazed at what animals do. The sporting arms room was full of fine double guns that spoke volumes about the sporting traditions of hunting, and many new guns and accessories were available too. The decoy collectors had many customers asking all the right questions about age and authenticity plus they were selling old hunting magazines, vintage turkey calls even deer antlers. With the end of the 2009 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition there is always one universal question - When can we do it again? The photos depict Bruce Earnshaw, owner of Cassina Point on Edisto (which recently had a conservation easement placed on it - view blog entry from 2/9) and his collectible decoys, the beautiful ironwork of Black Shadow deerstands, artist Marty Biernbaum at the Charleston Artist Guild Painting Demo Station sharing her love for the acrylic medium, the Dakota Arms' rifles and Cape Buffalo displayed by Gulf Breeze Firearms, and last but not least the antique shotgun shell box that was pleased to purchase.

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