Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Oyster Roast

Perhaps there is no better outdoor Lowcountry tradition in February, our coldest month, than the gathering of friends and family for an oyster roast. With a backdrop of the Stono River, and under a full moon, a crowd traveled to "Uncle" Troy's annual gathering. After a very cold week, with one morning's low temperature registering 19 degrees, milder weather felt good to those who were ready to eat chili and shuck oysters. John LaRoche handles the menu and the oysters he brought this year came from Texas, and he bragged about how clean they were. After ten minutes in the steam of the gas cooker, large baskets of oysters are dumped onto tables for everyone to enjoy. Shoulder to shoulder, all manner of Lowcountry citizens join in the fellowship that comes with eating oysters. Whether you prefer a saltine cracker and some cocktail sauce with your oyster, or if you simply like them plain on the end of your oyster knife, everyone can satisfy their hunger for the tasty mollusks. Thanks go to Troy Herndon, John Aker and Kevin Sevier (pronounced Severe) for hosting the oyster roast, and for providing the cold beer. The photos depict a dock on the Stono River at sunset under a full moon, Henry DeVaga and John Laroche taking the oysters off the cooker, and Dean Herndon and company scarfing up the hot oysters.

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