Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Camo Coalition Lobby Day & Inaugural Legislative Alert

The South Carolina Camo Coalition, whose charter meeting was in February 2008, issued their inaugural "Legislative alert" this week in support of future funding for the S.C. Conservation Bank. Before avid Lowcountryoutdoors.com followers can utilize the alert to vouch for the conservation bank to the Ways and Means Committee members, I want to point out that careful planning on the part of the Camo Coalition Board is paying off. Nineteen member organizations that represent hunting and fishing conservation groups have agreed to speak with one voice to S.C. legislators where natural resources conservation is concerned. The Camo coalition has contracted with the "voter voice" company to use sportsmen's e-mails to contact legislators on select issues. When you register to send your message regarding the conservation bank funding, your e-mail information will be captured for future legislative alerts, but don't worry, you can always opt out at any time. The system is "working" and since the alert was issued on February 6, we know of 80 responses that have gone to numerous legislators. Leaving no stone unturned, the camo coalition also held a lobby day at the General Assembly on February 10, speaking with legislators about the conservation bank, clean water bills, and appropriate funding for SCDNR and the S.C. Forestry Commission. The Camo coalition is working for sportsman already, and all they ask in return is that concerned voters register their e-mails and take part in these legislative alerts from time to time. Lowcountryoutdoors.com is run by a Camo coalition founder, someone who spoke up during the formation process for the word "Camo" (others preferred "green", etc.), because we don't need to hide the fact that we enjoy our natural resources. Those that utilize the outdoors of S.C. are the ones that will fight to protect them, and it is through our strength in numbers and level of commitment that we will succeed. The photos depict camo writer Jeff Dennis and Representative Ted Vick on the floor of The South Carolina House of Representatives on Feb. 10, 2009 and Mr. Dennis and Rep. Vick (co-chair of the S.C. Sportsmen's Caucus) in a duck blind after a successful hunt in 2008.

To start making a difference right now for S.C. quality of life, please click on the camo link to support the future funding of the S.C. Conservation Bank.

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  1. Jeff - thanks for all of your support for the Camo Coalition. Our outdoor heritage is threatened on a number of fronts, and our legislure is where the future will be determined. It's important to sign up for the Camo alerets, and it's very easy. Thanks, Ben Gregg, Executive Director, SC Wildlife Federation.


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