Friday, January 23, 2015

Guy Harvey Magazine - Get On The Fish (Marine Electronics)

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Whether shopping for a big boat like a 57-foot sportfisher or a smaller run and gun 31-footer, it’s likely that one marine electronic device can handle your needs. The only limitations when it comes to purchasing electronics seem to be your imagination and the budget. A GPS and Fishfinder combo is a good starting point and other pieces can be added over time as needs arise for a more complete electronic array.
Diving in to the world of marine electronics reveals that while the units may offer a wide range from portable handheld devices to large touch screen consoles, buyers can reduce some clutter by first choosing a price range. This decision serves to cluster the name brand units together, keeping you fishing in the right school size for your needs, and not being tempted by what else is swimming around at the time.
Capt. Pete Loy checks his electronics to Get On The Fish!
Did you know that the world of marine electronics is changing all the time? It’s not too far fetched to say that console layouts and boat design are being driven by innovation, like wireless transducers. Older units are discontinued all the time, and newer designs are popping up just as fast as you can say software update, especially during boat show season. In general, most anglers prefer to chose one brand name and stick to it.
Capt Dale Lackey of Charleston, S.C. prefers Garmin electronics and shares that he has installed a lot of their units over time, and they have proven to be very reliable. 

While you can get a touchscreen unit at a fairly affordable price these days, the scuttlebutt is to test drive one before purchasing. Touch screens have their pluses but some can be heat sensitive, which is a detractor for smaller open boats. Some anglers just need to stay with traditional components that have switches and dials so that their fingertip dexterity can give them more feel when at the helm. 

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