Monday, July 30, 2012

Caramba Captain publishes swordfish article

Guy Harvey swordfish print titled - Cutting Edge
Captain Dale Lackey and Amy Dukes with Governor's Cup
Captain Dale Lackey is known best as the Captain of the sportfishing boat named Caramba. The breaking news is that Caramba, owned by Bob Faith, has just won the 2012 Governor's Cup Billfish Series that is based on release points. Releasing billfish to fight another day is very sporting and Captain Dale Lackey and Caramba are making their mark. This team also won the S.C. Governor's Cup Billfishing Series in 2010 and in 2006, fishing from the 57-foot Custom Carolina boat built by Sunny Briggs. Captain Dale Lackey is a James Island native, and he is literally gearing up for hunting season right now by planting food plots. While the Governor's Cup season is now concluded, except for the Series Awards, there is still time for offshore trips to target swordfish. In the May / June 2012 issue of Big Game Fishing Journal, Captain Dale Lackey contributed an article about the Carolina Night Bite for swordfish. While no hot links are available for his article, let me share that only the top charter captains are beckoned to submit articles to this particular publication, so Congrats are in order! If you can locate a print edition, you will see some great photos of swordfish with Bob Faith, Capt. Lackey and mate Will 'PeeWee' Thornhill holding them by the transom of Caramba. Swordfish trips out of Charleston are usually the overnight variety so the article covers the weather required for such a trip, the schedule for a typical day, rigging the bait spread, and even which hooks and bait work best. The article closes with, "And just like that the stars disappear and we see the break of dawn. The replays of the night's action flows freely through the cockpit, and despite our exhaustion from the all-nighter, we cannot resist the temptation to troll for an early morning blue marlin bite before heading back home."

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