Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 MegaDock - Final Results / BIG Wahoo(s)

Robbie Freeman gives Micabe a champagne shower
Reel Patience crew with a 46.6-pound HOO
The final day of the MegaDock Tourney proved as the deciding factor for the best billfish boat competition, and for two out of three of the meat fish categories - with several large wahoo coming to the scales. Micabe wins the MegaDock on the strength of their one blue marlin and two  sailfish releases on Day Three. They jumped to the top of the MegaHeap when angler Michael Ebert handled the blue marlin, making that a cool 100 blue marlin all-time that he has caught and released! Micabe owner Mike Larrow supports the Governor's Cup Series 100% and his boat is hull #42 from Jarrett Bay Boatworks. Once back in port, and after verification from SCDNR of the release photos from Day Three, MegaDock marina manager Robbie Freeman greeted the Micabe crew with a champagne bath for two reasons: 1) to commemorate the 10th annual MegaDock and 2) to celebrate Micabe becoming the first two-time winner at the MegaDock. Micabe bumped Reel Passion into second place, and that put Caramba finishing in third. Over at the weigh station things got off to a hot start when the Rookie IV brought a new tuna leader to the scales - with angler Chris Ravenel's 14.6-tuna - which took home heaviest tuna award at the end of the night. A series of large wahoo came through the scales next including a 46.6-pounder, 51.4-pounder, 50.6-pounder and the eventual winner - a 57.4-pound HOO caught by Jessica Mitchell from the El Tejano. The Day One mahi leader held up for Lucky Hooker angler Kevin Meany. Youth Angler honoree Loche Johnson from Petrel was awarded a MegaCleat trophy as was Lady Angler Joanna Strickland from Wildlife. Emerson Read from Sadie Beth won the first-ever Best Mate award. The tenth annual MegaDock awards were held at the Rice Mill Building, and drew a large crowd of fisherman and fans from the S.C. Governor's Cup Series.

Jessica Mitchell and the winning HOO

Bryan and Bill Ingram with a nice HOO
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