Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 S.C. Tree Farm Award Winner for District 12

Bob Franklin, District 12 winner Jeff Dennis and John Spearman
Symbol of Tree Farm and certified wood products
The South Carolina Tree Farm system recognizes private landowners each year who excel in managing their tree farms. Stewardship of lands frequently involves wildlife habitat management as well, but forestry practices are what is truly in focus for Tree Farmers. It is a great honor, that I have been recognized as the District 12 award winner for 2012! The Tree Farm Awards Committee visited Snipe Hill on June 27 to judge and grade timber practices that I had put into motion which included logging, prescribed fire, herbicide spraying and other hardwood control methods. My local Clemson Extension Agent, Bob Franklin, has mentored me as I took Master Tree Farmer classes and attended numerous landowner field days, which provide examples of how others are managing their tree farm. An interesting fact is the my grandfather was a forester with the S.C. Forestry Commission and he first enrolled Snipe Hill into the Tree Farm system in 1951, and we were given Tree Farm # 61 - so I am only too glad to follow in his footsteps.

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Modern day Lorax at work cutting trees

Farm truck between corn crop and pine trees
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