Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Famars Piccolo knife debut

Piccolo knife with crocodile inlay and plain blade

Piccolo knife with engraved blades, serial number and model
A new accessory for the gentleman sportsman has been introduced by Famars, in the form of special edition pocket knives. To go along with a favorite pair of cuff links, or maybe a writing pen, the 'Lama' style of knife fits in one's pocket comfortably, measuring just under 3.5-inches in length. The aluminum body keeps the knife light, and this true gentleman's knife has a pinless sidelock. What this means is that the knife, which has a blade at each end, will snap open when you press the sidelock button. Besides the neat way this knife opens, you can choose which two blades you want on your knife from a paring blade, tanto blade, serrated blade, magnifying glass, totthpick, scissors, nail file and more. Further customization can be achieved with an inlay of exotic skins such as ostrich, shark, stingray, crocodile - or maybe go with a wood option look which is also available. Each knife carries a serial number, model number and Famars logo on the back edge of the knife housing. Known for firearm engraving, discerning sportsmen have the option of selecting from several patterns of engraving for the knife blade itself. To see more about Famars Piccolo knifes and their specifications, visit the Internet at  Famars Lama.

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