Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Edisto Gov. Cup - Day Three / Results

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Dexter Elliot and his Day Three 13.4-pound tuna
Day Three of the Edisto Governor's Cup sent 24 boats to sea to determine two things 1) the winner of the Edisto event and 2) Best Billfish Boat for the 2012 Gov. Cup Series. Sportin' Life elected to fish back-to-back and they led the Edisto event with 7 sailfish releases. Caramba elected to fish back-to-back days, and released 4 sailfish on Day Two giving them the unofficial points lead for the Series title. Caramba will sit on Day Three while Home Run, Micabe and other contenders in the the Edisto event and the Gov. Cup Series will be fishing. After Day Three fishing was completed, it was Laff-A-Lot winning the Edisto Gov. Cup tourney on the strength on their release of one blue marlin and two sailfish (combined with Thursday's four sailfish releases.) Micabe finished second with eight sailfish releases, and Sportin' Life finished in third with seven sailfish releases. In the Series both Caramba and Home Run finished with the same amount of release points - 5,175-points - but Caramba wins the 2012 S.C. Governor's Cup based on time of release!! WOW!! During the Edisto tourney a total of 6 blue marlin and 82 sailfish were released. All three Day One meatfish leaders held up, with Lady Angler honors going to Joanna Strickland for releasing three sailfish from Wildlife, and Youth Angler honors going to Rance Jennings for releasing four sailfish from Micabe.

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