Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 MegaDock - Day One Fishing

Crew of Lucky Hooker with Day One mahi leader
A 50.8-pound HOO for Reel Patience
A lightening storm caused a blackout at the MegaDock at 5 a.m. when 35 boats were departing for Day One fishing! The ocean was calm though and it was a meatfish bonanza for most, with a long line at the weigh station. Caramba found the magic touch on Day One by releasing two blue marlin for the points lead after Day One, and they released the first blue marlin of the tourney (at 8:18 a.m.) good for a $1000 gas card!! In second place it's Stream Weaver with one blue marlin and one sailfish release, followed by Micabe in third place with the same release points. The largest dolphin goes to Kevin Meany fishing from Lucky Hooker with a 45.4-pound mahi. The heaviest wahoo goes to Jason Zachrich for a 50.8-pound HOO that screamed for Reel Patience. Leading the way in tuna is Eddie Buck Jr. with a solid 14-pound blackfin entry. The 'dock talk' is that most boats will lay on Friday and choose to fish again on Saturday. The only boats that did not fish on Day One were Reel Passion, Cotton Picker and Trick 'Em. The rest of the fleet released 15 sailfish, 8 blue marlin and 2 white marlin on Day One.

Eddie Buck Jr., son Edgar, and Eddie Sr.

Gage Blue and a Sadie Beth tuna
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