Friday, July 6, 2012

Atlantic Drift marlin polos make splash

Nathan and Thomas Probst in the Lowcountry Outdoors

Keep that beverage cool and in style

Get the Drift, in hats too 

Charcoal color is close to slate blue
Two brothers from Concord, North Carolina have begun to visit the coastal cities of the Carolinas to spread the word of their new marlin polo shirts to those who enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Check them out in N.C. at the upcoming DU Band the Billfish tourney. Recently they attended the Carolina Billfish Classic and told Lowcountry Outdoors about their fondness for fishing and hunting too. Each brother has experience in the offshore waters with a billfish release to their credit, and they also enjoy fishing for red drum whenever they can hop into inshore waters. These guys also are glad to talk turkey hunting and have regular waterfowl trips planned with family and friends each winter. Nathan and Thomas Propst have ambitions to make their marlin logo popular on other products as well, but for now have settled on a signature marlin polo shirt that comes in five different colors. The fit of their shirt runs one size small, so when ordering make sure you order a size larger than you normally wear. The fine-knit cotton shirts are comfortable and aside from the malrin logo, they have a small portion of shirt-tale lining that depicts release flags - a nice touch that shows their support for conservation. To view more information visit the Internet at Atlantic Drift.


  1. Hey Jeff.
    Great Story ! Nathan and Thomas are great Guy's
    With a Fantastic Line. They are the Next Great Sucess
    Story in the Sportswear Business. Please let all of your
    Readers know that Grady Ervin & Co. In Charleston is
    Proud to be there Newest Retailer.
    Best Regards , Chip Ervin

  2. Thanks Chip - I did not know that!


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