Sunday, June 21, 2015

Florida Visit with Addictive Fishing TV Host

Blair Wiggins #ShowYourMogan
If it’s June, then the heat is on down in Florida, and the rainy season, with afternoon thunderstorms crank up by July. Heading down to Jensen Beach, Florida I was able to meet up and go fishing with Blair Wiggins, host of Addictive Fishing TV show. We weren’t filming on this day, but we were testing out some artificial baits from his main sponsor DOA Lures. It was back in 2010 when Wiggins was filming in Charleston that I first saw him in action, and this most recent trip gave me added perspective of the angler known as the Mogan Man.

June 21 at Mt. Pleasant store opening
The term Mogan is a nickname for a large fish, and it’s a cross between sayings like “Monster” and “Biggan.” Captain Blair Wiggins was a professional guide for many years in his home state of Florida, and then went on to be successful on the redfish tournament trail by winning the FLW Championship in 2006. Fast forward to today, and Wiggins has become so well known that he has signature fishing rods for sale. For a look inside the Addictive Fishing TV show check out this segment filmed with local guide Champ Smith.

When the fish weren't biting, we had two youths in a john boat
motor next to us and shout a HELLO as fans to Blair,
who of course invited them on board to make a souvenir photo - TRUE story!
On June 8, when we motored from the Stuart inlet to fish a spot known as the Hole In The Wall, Wiggins utilized a rootbeer DOA baitbuster to fish in the tide that was flushing out. I had caught a snook in this same location two years earlier, but this time it was Wiggins who got the strike and reeled in a 35-inch snook, also known as a Linesider for the lateral black line running down the side of its silver body. Wiggins knows how to pose a fish for a few photos, and we made sure not to keep it out of the water very long, since we understand that the best way to protect our marine resources is to set an example and practice catch and release tactics.

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