Friday, June 12, 2015

2015 DOA Outdoor Writers Festival - Day Two

Black Grouper caught on DOA Shrimp
The wind had been steady for days, and the assembled group of outdoor media and fishing guides enjoyed that while dining on a fresh shrimp dinner on Monday night. But by Tuesday morning the wind completely dropped out and the water was once again flat and that opens up lots of options for anglers, including heading to the front beach to track down some cruising tarpon. The DOA lures tackle box of options can handle this type of challenge of targeting something large or small, since they have a new size 2.75-inch shrimp to compliment the most popular 3-inch shrimp and the oversized 4-inch shrimp.

 River Palms Video - Mike Peppe, Sue Cocking and Ron Presley
I tied on a 3-inch holographic DOA shrimp and headed out from a local boat ramp with Capt. Mike Conner to cast under a few docks. The tide was falling and the water depth was favorable for this approach, letting the trolling motor keep the bow of the boat within range for me to make a few casts. It did not take long and I had my first fish when a juvenile black grouper lunged from under a dock and ate my offering. There is such a wide variety of species available in the Indian River Lagoon that I had never before caught one of these fish, and after a quick photo, the grouper was released to grow up. In fact, the entire DOA event is strictly catch and release only. I did hook a nice snook under a dock and had a brief battle, but when the leader parted I was left with some frustration - but that's fishing. A small 5-pound jack crevalle caught in the channel served to finish up our fishing day.

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Capt. Mike Conner casts to a dock

Manny and Chandler with Tailin' Toads

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