Thursday, June 27, 2013

14th DOA Outdoor Writer's Event - Day Two

I hooked this snook in a tight nook - TRUE!
DOA shrimp rigged heavy-style with a CAL jighead
Capt. Mark Nichols welcomes his friends
The second day of DOA camp was very productive for snook, trout and flounder - not to mention ladyfish, jacks and even a blue runner. The weather remained excellent for fishing and my day began at the jetties in the St. Lucie Inlet probing for giant snook with a DOA 3-inch shrimp in glow. Fishing with Capt. Jimmy Anderson and Bob McNally from Jacksonville, we quickly had to adjust our plans to sight-casting for snook at a nearby creek bend. We could see the bait getting busted right up against a corner of rock rip-rap that was covered by a wire mesh for the sake of habitat conservation. Then we saw the fins of a snook, but it was right up against the rock and wire. I change over to a DOA shrimp rigged with a jighead to make the precision cast necessary to hit the nook holding the snook. One inch too far and the lure would be hung up, one inch too short and the lure would not be in the strike zone. Lucky for me, I cast to the right spot and after one crank on my reel I was hooked up with a snook! After a brief fight behind the boat, we were able to make some photos, and release the snook. The fishing was slow, so this really was getting it done, and I am grateful to Bob for making the snook photo. Fishing gear includes Tailin' toads fishing gloves, Costa Saltbreak sunglasses, oystaflage buff and DOA denali shirt. Next up we came across Doug Olander casting lures to fish in the middle of the channel, and we decided to help him catch a few ladyfish and jacks. We then headed to the .10-cent bridge and tied on a DOA baitbuster to check for fish in the shade, and under some nearby docks, but with little action. Back at the Chickee hut everyone has a good time sharing their fresh fish photos and a cold drink while Capt. Nichols gives a couple of quick interviews before hitting the water some more. It could be that the tougher the fishing, the more inspired Nichols will become, and several new lures including the DOA airhead are coming onto the market to help salt anglers catch more fish.
Capt. Jimmy Anderson and Bob McNally
Doug Olander and wife on the prowl for jacks

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