Monday, July 1, 2013

Birding Journal Observations / May - June 2013

Ibis eating a fiddler crab at low tide - easily my finest ibis image yet!!
This report will be anticlimactic I feel in comparison to the rainfall during the month of June. With twelve inches of precipitation in the month of June, we were in the top ten of all time wettest June weather since they began keeping records. Then July started with a splash and 4 to 5 more inches of rain has the Lowcountry looking just as it did during the El Nino years in the early 1990's! That is the only time that this observer has seen the landscape this wet, and I recall how deeply I bogged my SUV at the time. Beware - the ground is equally saturated right now, so don't drive 'off-road.' The last entry in my birding journal pretty much covered the arrival of migratory birds, but it is worth noting that I had a double-header on male Indigo buntings at my feeder on May 14! Others sightings include blue grosbeak, cardinal, red-headed woodpecker, dove, mockingbird, white-breasted nuthatch, blue jay, bluebird and carolina wren.

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