Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aphrodite very speedy for classic wooden boat

Aphrodite fully underway on June 25 in the St. Lucie River, Florida
Aphrodite is the name of the Greek goddess for love and beauty, but it's the beautiful lines of the 74-foot wooden vessel named Aprodite that caught my eye. I was minding my own business fishing for snook under the .10-cent bridge in the St. Lucie River when Aphrodite passed under the bridge. I asked the captain of our flats boat if we could move ahead of her briefly for the purpose of making a photo. The fishing was slow so he was quick to agree and by the time we stowed the rods and cranked the motor, the Aprodite began to cruise smoothely across the water. Changing camera lenses to match the morning light conditions while riding in the bow, we soon became more like a chase boat than a casual observer. The Aphrodite kept rising in the water as her Captain kept pushing the throttles forward. With our boat running wide open I was able to make these photos but we were impressed at the ability of this wooden boat running wide open in flat calm conditions - she can fly! After scouring the Internet for further details to relay regarding the Aphrodite I came across the 7-minute video about her recent makeover. Aphrodite was built in 1937 by the Purdy Boat Company for a Wall Street financier and U.S. Ambassador to use as a 'commuter yacht' from his home on Long Island to his office in Manhattan.

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Close-up of bow section

Wheelhouse and transom

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