Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gear up for Hunting Season with boots and bug machines

Thermacell Outdoors provides hunters a NO FLY zone
With deer season set to commence on the traditional August 15 start date, and dove season coming in on September 1, it’s time to gear up for the outdoors. The weather always plays a role during early deer season, but more so in 2013, which is turning out to be the year of the frog and mosquito. Sportsmen with a Can Do attitude will be fine but gear like boots, buckshot and bug machines are essential to their hunting success. Putting boots on the ground goes without saying, whether it’s putting up a deer stand or simply scouting out a deer trail. LaCrosse offers two boots that offer snake-proof reliability and the waterproof protection that everyone will need during this wet weather. Both the Coil Side Zip snake boot and the Alpha Mudlight snake boot have camouflage and come from the LaCrosse family of high quality boots. Bugs of all kinds are loving this warm wet weather, making a Thermacell bug machine one of the best investments you can make. If you have confidence in one Thermacell unit, why not try running two when necessary. It can’t hurt and it’s much much tougher to spot deer if one can’t be still while in the deer stand. The new Thermacell Outdoor Lantern is available this year to hang back at hunt camp while cleaning your game. It has eight LED lights that are powered by four AA batteries. It burns a butane cartridge and a scent pad that lasts four hours and covers the same area that a regular Thermacell unit protects. The lantern would also be excellent for camping, or perhaps during that all-night catfishing trip in the Edisto River.

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  1. ACE in Walterboro is my favorite place for anything and especially hunting gear. Great place and great prices.

  2. Alright then Lowcountry Hunter. But remember not to give away all your best spots! Ha ha

  3. I'm not into hunting but i find it interesting. I wonder how much a hunter prepare for the hunting season. I wonder what are the ways he can do to prepare himself and to be competitive. Gear and all the other things they need must be expensive.



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