Friday, June 14, 2013

Fly fishing for trout with South Holston River Lodge

The SHRL guide and my brown trout I was glad to see
South Holston River Lodge with anxious anglers
The beginning of April is the start of peak season on the South Holston River near Bristol, Tennessee. My early summer visit for two days of floating the river for rainbow trout and brown trout included one day that was refreshingly cool and spring-like, and the next day was hot and muggy like summer. Needless to say the anglers enjoyed the cool weather the best, and judging from the bite, the fish could tell the difference too! Fishing out of a float boat is essential when the South Holston River is experiencing water released from the hydro-electric dam above stream. Wade fishing is tougher here, since waders are almost always necessary due to the cold water temps, which is the same reason for the hearty trout population. The South Holston River Lodge was easy to find, not too far from the famed Bristol NASCAR speedway, and offered comfortable lodging with extras like chef-prepared meals and a stunning riverside setting. Fly anglers of all levels are welcome to visit the lodge, but as one guide relayed, it's all up to the trout whether to bite the fly or not. Luckily, we fooled quite a few of those brownies and 'bows. All fishing out of the SHRL is catch and release only. Look for more details in my feature story in the July issue of the Charleston Mercury.
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Manager Jon Hooper SETS the HOOK !!

Simms hat and trademark brown trout ready for release


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