Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kayak fishing popularity drives innovation

Jerry McBride hefts a bull red drum onto his Hobie kayak off of Panama City Beach
June issue cover
Fishing from a kayak? You bet. The evolution of kayak fishing continues today with more accessories for this growing demographic to choose from. Hobie is a company that has long-been associated with the water, and in particular their Hobie Cat sailboats were once a mainstay among recreational sailors. Kayak fishing took a giant leap forward when Hobie kayaks introduced their Mirage drive or pedal-drive motion system. Instead of using a kayak paddle for forward motion, with two blades on either end, the new system works more like a paddle boat. Most consider shallow or coastal waters to be best suited for kayak fishing, but more anglers are using them for deep water adventures too. No matter where you fish, a portable flotation device is a must, and the newer inflatable designs are perfect for kayak anglers since they offer less restrictions on movement. Simple design improvements like these PFD’s are adding up to make kayak anglers comfortable for all day fishing. On a recent trip to fish in Port St. Joe, Florida we used kayaks to approach a grass flat with stealth, and then pushed the Hobie ‘stake out’ pole into the sand in order to stay properly positioned for multiple casts. With the kayak tied off, the angler is free to choose if wading is their best option for fishing success. For more kayak fishing tactics check out this helpful book review. Another day of fishing allowed for a complete opposite kayak fishing experience, launching kayaks from Panama City Beach. Paddling one-mile into the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico we targeted offshore bottom fish species over live bottom areas in 60-feet of water. Our party of kayak anglers caught red snapper, gag grouper, false albacore, bull red drum, king mackerel, flounder and triggerfish during this delightful day of ocean angling. Of course, kayak fishing also promotes the ethic of catch and release fishing! It may become hard to predict what will be next in the evolution of kayak fishing, but that is just part of the fun.

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