Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bamboo is Back with Free Fly Apparel

Free Fly longsleeve on the Broad River
Ladies can order Free Fly too
Bamboo performance shirts labeled 'Free Fly' are flying off the shelves and I was able to catch up with the Lowcountry resident behind the new line of apparel. Tanner Sutton is a native of Billings, Montana - home to world-class trout stream fishing. He migrated to the Lowcountry just a few years ago and has been given a crash course into our local saltwater fishing realm by good friend Capt. John Crislip. The bamboo shirts are designed with freedom of motion in mind, giving them what some might call a relaxed fit. The long-sleeve bamboo shirt seems to be the go to design for anglers since it provides the most protection from the sun. But it's the comfort of the bamboo that will please customers, since this material makes it feel like a favorite well-worn t-shirt right from the start. Available in a range of 'natural' colors, these shirts can be worn for a day at the beach or a day on the boat. After a recent brief visit at the Free Fly HQ, Sutton told me that the sailing community is just now getting wind of his shirts. Using my bamboo shirt for a cobia fishing trip on Memorial Day, I can report that the loose fit keeps one cooler than a tight-fit shirt. Also, the shirt got a considerable amount of fish slime on it that day, and as it dried it became discolored. After adding SHOUT to the shirt and a trip through the washing machine, I can report that it came clean just fine - whew! To learn more about other products offered by Sutton, and for more details on the fit of these shirts visit Free Fly fit.

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Tanner Sutton and his bamboo shirts

Free Fly bear hug for my Memorial Day cobia

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