Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 MegaDock - Day Three Fishing and Final Results

Billy Monckton of Mirage
Joseph Maresca and the winning HOO
With 21 boats fishing on Saturday July 11, it was anyone's tournament to win at the 2015 MegaDock event. The billfishing was fast and furious on Saturday, after a relatively slow day on Friday. In the end it was Charleston-based Artemis that caught and released two blue marlin on Saturday and surged into first place, claiming the cash jackpot for owner John Darby. Second place went to Sportin' Life and Third Place went to Can't Complain.

A boat from Miami by the name of Swagger was fishing in the Governor's Cup for the first time, and they actually released two blue marlin and two sailfish on Saturday. However, due to a rules violation, they disqualified one of their blue marlin, to fall out of the money for top billfish boats. Governor's Cup Director Wally Jenkins recognized their sportsmanship at the awards dinner.

Benny Maresca and winning tuna

All three meat fish winners were reeled in on Saturday. In Georgetown, it was Mirage that brought back a 27.1-pound mahi caught by angler Billy Monckton. At the MegaDock it was a father and son team that took home the honors for both heaviest wahoo and heaviest tuna, while fishing from Daymaker. Angler Joseph Maresca caught the winning 37.6-pound wahoo and his father Benny Maresca caught the winning 15.4-pound tuna. The lady angler award went to Litsa Darby from Artemis for her 5.4-pound mahi, and there was no winner for the youth angler award.

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Congrats to Artemis - 2015 MegaDock Champs!
1st Place Billfish Release
Captain: Legare Smith
Owner: John Darby
1200points - 2 blue marlin releases
2nd Place Billfish Release
Sportin' Life
Captain: Bobby Garmany
Owner: Graham Eubank
1000points - 5 sailfish releases
3rd Place Billfish Release
Can't Complain
Captain/Owner: Mullins McLeod
1000points - 5 sailfish releases
Under 40' Division
Captain: James Rackley
Owner: Bill Monckton
600points - 1 blue marlin release

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