Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Orchard Inn - 2016 Green and Culinary Initiatives

Puppy Clayton and old guard Murray
There are lots of new wrinkles at The Orchard Inn in 2016, including a new boxer puppy named Clayton! Their green initiative brought a Tesla and electric car-charging station to the Inn, and the windows in the upstairs rooms have been replaced with modern more efficient frames. From the kitchen, Newman's restaurant now enjoys Chef Stuart Partin in the evenings, while Marianne still enjoys preparing breakfast and she can conjure up gluten-free creations upon request for guests with dietary needs.

Mountain vistas await guests at The Orchard Inn
More news includes the hotel now listing online reservations with Bookings and Expedia, and when this new reach coincided with Coon Dog Day, the Inn was fully booked. Checking-in for the weekend was a snap, and a cocktail party in Saluda was first on the agenda. Saturday morning's parade required an early start and the Inn serves breakfast from 8:30 to 9:30, but our request for an 8 a.m. meal was granted so that we could pull the float around and get in line for the parade by 9.

Newman's downstairs and rooms upstairs
Chef Stuart is in the garden daily!
It wasn't until after the parade that I was able to meet the new chef at Newman's restaurant when Stuart Partin was out working in the garden on the hill behind the Inn. He told me that he is harvesting fresh ingredients daily now, and still planting some offerings such as cucumbers.

Heading back inside, I finally met new pup Clayton, who was happy to pose with old guard Murray for a photo. In the rush up toward Coon Dog Day, I forgot my shaving razor, but was relieved when I asked the front desk if they had an extra, and I was presented with an overnight kit with razor and cream. That saved me a trip to the convenience store, and I was clean shaven for Sunday breakfast.

Gluten-free muffins upon request
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Sometimes its the little things....

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