Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 Split Vote - To Hunt or to Fish?

Wildlife enthusiasts understand that nature is dialed in deeper to the changing of the seasons, far more than a few extra degrees of temperature will dictate. The live oak acorns are dropping right on cue and the white tail bucks are rutting, while the mullet run is underway and the redfish are chewing. A Presidential decision comes every four years in November, but the decision to Hunt or to Fish is upon us each October.
It's a Split Vote for Lowcountry Outdoors - Hunt or Fish?
With the ability to fish all year long for redfish, it seems prudent to take advantage of each legal day of hunting season in fall. However, the intangible factors derived from fishing for redfish in October may be compelling enough to veto that logic. Whether standing on a beach and casting into the surf zone, or riding in a skiff probing creeks mouths and structure, fall can yield some of the most productive redfishing of the year. Anglers can access redfish in the summer, but they also break a healthy sweat on many days, and October can offer a fresher take on the salt air.

On the other hand, the biggest and best bucks of the year begin to show up at the venison processors of the Lowcountry in October. Mature bucks that are rarely seen during daylight begins to chase does and they can keep up a pace that dictates they cover lots of ground. Serious deer hunters would rather be in a deer stand during the heart of the rut over any other part of the deer season. Other deer will be on the move in response to mature buck activity, and this can truly be a revealing time to observe the woodlands. Attempting to hunt and fish on the same day takes a commitment of time for sure, but it also stretches your license dollars, and might create a memorable day of sport that lasts a lifetime.

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