Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Yields 10-Point Buck for Persistent Hunter

Rayburn Mulkey and his trophy buck
Deer hunting took a back seat to preparations for Hurricane Matthew during the first week of October, the same time of the year when bucks begin to rut. The brunt of the Hurricane brought a tidal surge to the barrier islands, with plenty of wind and rain throughout the coastal plain. Hunter Rayburn Mulkey spent Sunday October 9 cutting trees blocking roads on John’s Island before getting into his tree stand and harvesting his personal best trophy 10-point buck.

“I knew that it had been extremely windy for 36-hours or more, and I had a hunch that some deer might move on Sunday evening,” said Mulkey. He is employed by The Tree Clinic and they were working on that Sunday doing some emergency clearing of trees that were dangerously close to houses, and across roads. “I got off work and grabbed my camo and got into the deer stand about 6:30 p.m. overlooking a 30-acre hay field. At 7:13 there was only a slight breeze, and a doe came out to my corn pile, and the sun began to set.”
Game Camera photo of same buck from 9/10/16
“The pine trees began to cast a shadow over a corner of the field and I noticed a large, dark-colored deer step out,” said Mulkey. “He approached the doe but would not stop moving so I gave him a grunt call and he stopped broadside at 60-yards from me.” His Remington 30 / .06 – caliber rifle barked one time and the buck jumped up before running out into the field and flopping over. Mulkey took a few moments before going down to find his buck, and was elated to verify that this was the same buck that he had on camera.

To view the entire feature story in the newspaper click on Colletonian.

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