Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 S.C. Waterfowl Lottery Hunt Program

Waterfowl season is almost here!
Getting drawn for a waterfowl lottery hunt is not a guarantee for success, but that’s hunting! It does create an opportunity to utilize a property that is above average, and so the hunter is certainly allowed to dream about the potential for an epic duck hunt. As a waterfowl lottery hunt veteran I can tell you that a whole range of other experiences are also possible, that have nothing to do with shooting ducks, but everything to do with lasting hunt memories. Applications are due to SCDNR by October 31.

For instance, I won’t forget that time when I was unsure of were a ditch was at Bear Island when I was retrieving a downed duck. One moment I was standing tall, and the next I was watching my hat float, which is duck hunting lingo for going swimming. I reversed course, dumped a river of water out of my shotgun, collected my hat and left the duck behind. I remember being embarrassed, but I also remember the SCDNR hunt administrator telling me that it happens all the time.

Last year’s harvest results for the waterfowl lottery hunts shows that 782 duck hunters harvested over 2500 ducks and a few geese too. The data also reveals a 3.4 duck per hunter average ratio with almost 13,000 total shotgun shells fired. Gadwall, ring-necks, Northern shovelers and green-winged teal made up the bulk of the ducks harvested but many other species of waterfowl were also picked up. The  legal limit is six ducks per hunter per day, but any duck shot during a waterfowl lottery hunt ends up feeling like a bonus bird for any lucky hunter out there.

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