Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Colleton Historical Society Plantation Tour

Grand live oak and a view towards the Ashepoo River
Avenue of Oaks leading to Combahee River
The 2013 Plantation Tour presented by the Colleton County Historical and Preservation Society (CCHAPS) featured three properties that can trace their history to land grants in the 1700’s. Ticket holders were invited to take a unique drive down Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday in order to visit the White House. White House Plantation that is, where a barbecue lunch was served at their Quail Barn. The hunting wagon was rolled out for display so that tables and chairs could be set up inside the barn. The cooking team responsible for the tender pork and crispy rinds included White House manager Billy Youmans, Tadpole Baldwin, Robbie Hooker and Chris Rowe. The grounds tour continued using a walking trail that featured gardens, a dining hall, bunk house, peacock aviary, slave cemetery, ancient live oaks and a pond overlooking the Ashepoo River. This land between the Combahee and the Ashepoo was originally a land grant to the Bellinger family in 1702. The current owners are committed to preservation and conservation in this part of the ACE Basin and enjoy the sporting pursuits that the Lowcountry has to offer. At Fountainbleu Plantation the land was granted to the Fenwick family sometime prior to 1775, and it features a large hill with homesite and historic rice fields within viewing distance. Grand live oaks embellish the grounds and an ongoing cattle operation with pastures surrounds the homesite, which includes a family graveyard. Combahee Plantation off of White Hall Road and adjacent to Cuckolds Creek was originally a land grant property to the Heyward family, and it was a large rice producer. Today some of those same nearby rice fields are a part of the Combahee Unit in the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge and are teeming with bird life. This same area provides a panoramic vista of the ACE Basin from the main house. This property was recently purchased by a family intent on fostering the preservation of these grounds due to their historical significance.
Cuckold's Creek Vista from historic grounds

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