Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Polo for the Point

Squadron of polo players - mainly named Limehouse!
Barry Limehouse tries to play this 'pop-up' with his mad skills
The 5th annual Polo for the Point was played under glorious sunny skies and mild temperatures. The epicenter for this polo demo is Limehouse Field located just North of Walterboro. Owner Buck Limehouse is the emcee for the event and is glad to open the door to his stables for a good cause - which is in this case to benefit The Colleton Center. Once a school, The Colleton Center holds a large performing auditorium and lots of classroom space and history. The Colleton Center is under the direction of Jean Harrigal, but it also is home to the Colleton Arts Council, and funds raised at Polo for the Point supports the cultural benefits that the arts bring to Walterboro. Beginning at noon, the event started with an acapella version of the National Anthem sung by Eliza Limehouse. A brief fox hunting demo, the Lowcountry Hunt showed off their Masters of Hounds, Whippers-In and about one-quarter of their pack of fox hounds. Tally HO!! Next up on the schedule was the youth chukka (or period of play) which notably included a couple of female riders, the next generation of Limehouse polo players. Finally the pro teams took the field and provided a whirling dervish of action over several more chukkas. The polo ponies raced up and down the grass arena which is the size of nine football fields! Meanwhile, on the sidelines a major tailgate party is always underway with a who's who of Colletonians on hand to sample the food and fellowship underneath an array of tents that are home to local businesses and sponsors. A best display award, best ladies hat award, kids face painting display plus silent auction packages to Broxton Bridge all help to add appeal of this once-a-year benefit polo match.

Some writings just cannot be improved upon!!

Brien Limehouse leads a charge towards the sideline
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