Friday, November 18, 2016

November Hunting Dashboard Lights Up

November Holiday Hunting Dashboard Lights!
For the hunter that is relying on some holiday time off in order to hit the woods in search of game, part of the excitement comes with all the hunting options that are in play. When driving one’s auto a dashboard light comes on every now and then, perhaps the low oil indicator, but that one light hardly catches your attention. But when all the dashboard icons light up, the driver gets a little more excited about what is about to happen. Hunters get the same thrill in November when they get to enjoy quail, dove, duck, hog and deer seasons simultaneously.

Quail preserve season begins in October each year, but the preponderance of warm weather hasn’t offered much comfort for bird dogs, and those that walk the woodlands. November mornings tend to be cooler, so time your outing to culminate by lunch, and leave the warm afternoon hours to other pursuits. Since quail season stretches until the end of February, early season hunts serve to knock the rust off your upland routine, which has been dormant since March.

Waterfowl, dove, deer, hogs, coyotes and small game will all be on the outdoor menu. There is one remaining dashboard light in November that toys with adding chaos to the hunting sessions, and that is the fishing indicator. Whether you are a freshwater or saltwater angler, any Indian summer days will have the fish biting, and a fish fry is a popular recreation for many. In review, match your discipline with you schedule during November, and you will surely gain an appreciation for each endeavor.

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