Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Grand American - Bluetick Hound Sassy Allie Girl Wins

Treeing Contest ACTION
Unusually cold weather over the weekend did nothing to slow down the hundreds of coon dogs that were released during the 2017 Grand American. This is the first competition of the new calendar year for the United Kennel Club (UKC), and marks the 52nd time for the annual event based at the Orangeburg fairgrounds. American Cooner magazine from Illinois is the main sponsor of the Grand American which draws entrants from across the country, including the bluetick hound from Kentucky that became the 2017 Overall Winner.

Meredith Henderson with Treeing Walker at Bench Show
There is no shortage of things to do at the Grand American since it becomes the epicenter for both coon hounds and hunting gear for sale. Start by visiting the barns where individual kennels have their prime hunting dogs on display, usually with a litter of puppies from the same bloodline for sale. I visited the Indian Hill Blueticks booth and learned that they came from McCormick County in the upstate. Like most vendors, they were friendly and eager to answer any questions about their breeding program.
Vintage Homart headlamp and modern version
The other side of the fairgrounds has an open-air market area where hunting gear is for sale, including GPS-tracking dog collars, headlights and all sorts of footwear. Coon hunters start out after dark, and follow their coonhound into the woods, and they have to have the best snakeproof, briarproof and waterproof boots and chaps available. You can find all of this gear in one place, and special show prices makes each offering even more tempting.
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Cute Bluetick Hound pups for sale 

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