Friday, June 8, 2018

Lowcountry Rainfall for May 2018 sets All-Time Record

Weather records provide good baseline data
Predicting the weather is always tough, but no one guessed that May of 2018 would be the wettest May on record for many portions of the Lowcountry. The entire state experienced wet weather in May and the S.C. Drought Response Committee met on May 29, removing Colleton County from the incipient drought category. We look to weather records to compare recent activity with past weather cycles, and the results for rainfall during the month of May are fascinating. Factoring in that the first named storm of hurricane season arrived on Memorial Day, the forecast for continued wet weather look likely.
Alberto arrived on Memorial Day 2018
The month of April brought cooler than expected temperatures and less than average rainfall. In fact, thirteen counties were listed in incipient drought, and the threat of wildfire was real. “Recent rainfall, along with higher humidity, has helped reduce the number of wildfires statewide,” said Brad Bramlett with the S.C. Forestry Commission. “We were well over our five-year and ten-year averages for the number of fires just a month ago.”

Records show that the average rainfall for May in Walterboro from 2013 to 2017 was just 3.65-inches, but that trend came to a halt in 2018. Rainfall records in S.C. began in the 1930’s and the Charleston airport measured 10.62-inches of rain in May of 2018, the new record for wettest month of May. The community of Smoaks in western Colleton County also recorded 10-inches of rain in May, while the city of Walterboro and other parts of Colleton county saw rainfall amounts vary.

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