Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Piebald Buck Deer on Seabrook Island

Piebald Buck on Seabrook June 1
Viewing a piebald deer in the wild is often a fleeting opportunity, but not always. I was fortunate to view a mature piebald white-tailed deer on Seabrook Island while he was in the comfortable company of three other bucks. These bachelor groups are a part of the life cycle of male deer, when they are far away from the competitive drive of mating during the rut in the fall of the calendar year. This group of deer came very near to me as I sat in a parked car, careful not to upset their routine. It wasn't long before they disappeared back into the heavy cover that is found in a maritime forest and I was left to ponder when I might ever see this particular buck again?! What a beauty!!

Bachelor group of bucks
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