Tuesday, May 1, 2018

2018 Birding Journal Observations - March / April

Orchard Oriole on April 30
After average temperatures in March, the Lowcountry enjoyed cooler and windy conditions in April, including a 40-degree morning on April 30. The cooler weather pattern didn't have much of an effect on bird migration though, according to my past ten years of birding links, but it has felt like an extended Spring of birdwatching which is always pleasant. Spring birding for neotropical migratory songbirds is the equivalent of watching the Super Bowl, you want to keep a sharp eye out for the highlights during the biggest event of the entire year.

Some of the first sightings for migratory species in 2018 include:
March 8 - Swallow-tailed kite
March 22 - Blue-gray gnatcatcher, Parula warbler
March 27 - Yellow-throated warbler, Ruby-throated hummingbird
March 30 - Ruby-crowned kinglet
April 11 - Summer tanager, Whip-poor-will, Blue grosbeak, Barm swallow
April 22 - Painted bunting, Indigo bunting
April 26 - Gray catbird
April 30 - Orchard Oriole, Red-headed woodpecker

Other birding observations from March / April 2018 include chipping sparrow, red-bellied woodpecker, mockingbird, bluebird, white-throated sparrow, cardinal, Carolina wren, dove, cormorant, downy woodpecker, osprey, wood stork, great blue heron, red-tailed hawk, white-throated sparrow, tufted titmouse, white-breasted nuthatch, brown thrasher, brown-headed cowbird, towhee, Carolina chickadee, blue jay and wood duck.

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