Monday, August 10, 2009

Chester Turns One Year Old Today

My English Setter named Chester has reached his first birthday today. He is a quail dog in training and was purchased from Moree's Sportsman Preserve in Chesterfield County. He chewed his way through some documents and shoes along the way, but he has 'hunted' the birds in the dog park with diligence and will be a 'working dog' come quail season.

He is a hard-headed male dog at times, but his nose seems to be acute to the scent of birds and his vision does not miss a winged critter (near or far) that flutters by. He is getting a dog house at Snipe Hill for his birthday - not for use in the heat of August, but rather as a secure outpost in the country in between hunting adventures.

Chester loves to run, as most English Setter's do, and I look forward to trying to keep up with him when it is cool enough for us to hit the quail woods again. Chester is a loving dog with big eyes that are 'masked' by his facial markings when in low light or at night. Chester's ears perk up when the master says Moo, Meow, Quack quack or Honk honk but his strongest reaction is always simply to the word - "bird."

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Photos By Jeff Dennis: Chester at 4 months of age, and Chester on his First Birthday

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