Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plantation Managers Meet at Poco Sabo

Green Pond was the nearest 'urban area' when the South Carolina Plantation Managers Association (SCPMA) gathered at Poco Sabo Plantation on the Ashepoo River for their annual meeting. SCPMA President Jim McCormick (from Mount Holly Plantation) welcomed the land manager's and laid out the agenda for the day. Joe Hamilton, founder of the Quality Deer Management Association spoke about the effect that coyotes are having on the fawn survival rate, then Jerald Sholar spoke about the newly formed S.C. Quail Project based out of Mount Pleasant Plantation, and SCDNR's Charles Ruth spoke about current events within both the deer and turkey programs. Further discussion touched on how the current recession impacts plantation management due to budget cutbacks, and what individuals are doing to make the best of things.  would like to thank the owner of Poco Sabo Plantation for hosting the SCPMA meeting.

Photos By Jeff Dennis: Poco Sabo manager Tom Bowen points to the 75-acre impoundment where he plants no-till corn, Shorty the horse was out to pasture during the SCPMA meeting but the stall bearing his name caught my eye

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