Monday, October 26, 2009

Twin Ponds Rifle Range Clean-Up

The National Rifle Association is assisting the U.S Forest Service in cleaning up the Twin Ponds rifle range located in the Francis Marion National Forest. The range was closed in September for excessive vandalism, and the clean-up date is scheduled for Saturday Oct. 31. A troop of Cub Scouts has volunteered to help that day, and the NRA is asking its members to turn out for this cause. Directions can be obtained by calling the Seewee Visitor Center at 843-928-3368. If enough volunteers show up then some will be dispatched to perform similar chores at the nearby Boggy Head rifle range. Tools and trash bags will be provided, and the range is scheduled to reopen on November 1.

Photo by Matt Rice: Lowcountryoutdoors shoots a Smith & Wesson AR .223 at the range

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