Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 SCWA Charleston Chapter Banquet

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association held its Waterfowl Conservation Dinner and Banquet at the brand new End Zone facilities at the Citadel. Co-Chairs Will Brown and William Dotterer welcomed SCWA Director David Wielecki to town with a catered supper from Ward's Barbecue of Sumter. A silent auction preceded a great live auction that included waterfowl hunts and even a safari to Africa. Raffles for guns, gear and more were much anticipated - especially for the Beretta Extrema shotgun! Sportsmen talked about current events like football games and deer season, all while plotting their waterfowl game plan come Thanksgiving. Camp Woodie benefits the most from these banquets, so get out to a banquet near you - like maybe the Walterboro SCWA affair on November 7!

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Photos By Jeff Dennis: John G. Thornhill and daughter Lucy are all smiles - celebrating ducks on a school night, this canvasback print was one of the beautiful items on the silent auction, Sponsor Charlie Aimar joins William Dotterer and Rawlins Lowndes at the Charleson Chapter SCWA waterfowl banquet

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