Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainbow Runner caught on 6/13

The Rainbow Runner is a member of the Jack family of fish that is more commonly found in the Pacific Ocean. They are a somewhat occasional occurrence in the offshore waters of South Carolina, usually when water temperatures are running warm - like they are now. In the Pacific they are more likely found concentrated in schools, but in the Atlantic they are generally found alone. Angler Tony Wielicki was fishing about the Get It In during the SCWA Camp Woodie Tournement when the Rainbow Runner took the bait. Fifteen-year old Wielecki was reeling the fish in and said, "I don't know what it is - but it's big." The fish weighed 10.1-pounds back in port, and is rarely stumped by a saltwater fish species - but in this case some research was in order. The state record for the Rainbow Runner is 14.14-pounds, so Wielecki really scared that mark. The tournament gave trophies for several species of fish, but saltwater fisherman know that any fish this uncommon is a trophy unto itself, and that a healthy ocean still contains surprises for sportsmen willing to share in the outdoor heritage that is offshore fishing.

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Photo By Jeff Dennis: Tony Wielecki with his 10.1-pound Rainbow Runner weighed in at the City Marina

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