Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Edisto Beach Police Chief - Golf Carts and Marina Access

Edisto Beach Police Chief George Brothers
George Brothers moved to Edisto over three years ago and worked up the office of Chief of Police by 2015. He oversees a force of six officers, with the latest hire coming in 2016 when the department added their first female officer. Golf carts have become very popular at Edisto beach, and the main restriction is that no golf carts are allowed to travel Palmetto Blvd. since it is designated as a primary road. “With the increase in golf cart users, and more and more first-time visitors to Edisto Beach, we have increased the number of citations issued for this violation. We gave plenty of warnings over the years, but this can be a challenging issue for law enforcement to keep up with. It is still OK for golf carts to cross Palmetto Boulevard.”

“One important update to share with readers is that golf carts are now allowed to ride on Highway 174 from Sunset Road to the Edisto Marina on the South end of the island,” said Chief Brothers. “We worked with the S.C. Department of Transportation to change that sections to a secondary road to facilitate this change. And as a result, we have now banned golf carts from the walking path bridge near the marina. The increase of golf carts using this wooden bridge in 2016 was not sustainable.”

Anyone who has questions about law enforcement issues at Edisto Beach is invited to attend Coffee With The Chief. The next date for this quarterly meeting is coming up in October at 8 a.m. at Edislo Java, located on the end of the pier.  Ask Chief Brothers about his career in Lexington County before coming to Edisto, or maybe hear him remind folks not to give out personal information as the best way to avoid the latest IRS scams, and you can discuss any local issues of concern too.

To read the entire feature article in the newspaper click on Colletonian.

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